As smart organic agricultural practice is indispensable to the growth of country, use of Technologies like Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things will ensure enough production with high quality product and by making an eco-friendly approach.


1. Digital Transformation Consulting in agro world which includes crop and livestock Management digitally.

2. AI and Robotics driven systems like drones and robots for seeding, monitoring, spraying, guarding and protecting the crops.

3. Soil Sampling

4. Self Driven Hitech tractors systems with cameras, even harvesters.

5. Self Irrigation Systems

6. Use of Internet of Things (IoT) and Visual Recognition APIs to capture images, a real time analysis, identify areas of concern and take action on time saving time, effort and money.

7. Hitech well connected grain and cold storage will ensure proper management of cereals, fruits and vegetables reducing wastage.

8. Data Intelligence can help in analyzing data and thus:
     a) Forecasting Demand
     b) Forecasting Yield
     c) Faster and effective Management of whole process
     d) Identifying crop diseases based on the crop history `
     e) Better food management to avoid wastage
     f) Market Analysis
     g) Better Supply chain Management