In Developing countries like ours per capita income have increased and so the demand for animal products like milk,meat,eggs have also increased so digitization in Animal husbandry is inevitable for increased and quality production in a sustainable way so as to meet the demand without causing any harm to environment.In what way technology can have positive impact on Animal husbandry,lets see in below mentioned points.


1. Animal Husbandry deals with animals that are raised for meat, fibre, milk, eggs and other product. So the Scope of digitization is immense in this field.

2. Digitization will provide a holistic solution for the proper management of the whole process i.e choosing the right breeds to the breeding technique,animal health,quality and increased production,connecting the seller and buyer and also managing finances.

3. Animal Welfare i.e Better Health Management of livestock which includes their nutrient balance,their disease and its management can be done by managing their individual and historic data,by being more informed about the animals and by proper monitoring.

4. Sensors and Cameras can help in better and efficient monitoring of Animals.

5. Process like milking, feeding and breeding of animals can be automated with Hitech Systems thus saving on time effort and money.

6. Data Intelligence can help in analyzing all sort of data thus making the animal Farmers easy of decide the demand and supply ratio,choose their suppliers and distributors and also to manage their finances.

7. Various Mobile Applications are there to help the farmers in a holistic way guiding them right from breeding techniques to end user information .

8. Digitization can also provide a common platform for interaction between producers I.e farmers and customers thus ensuring transparency,improving product and performance and thus profitability.

9. As livestock uses one third of arable land and almost 8 percent of available fresh water and also adds to emission of greenhouse gases so their proper management will ensure safer environment.

So, A2b will be your Visionary partner in this making your dreams a reality.