Agriculture waste Management is a big challenge our country is facing nowadays. With increase in the agricultural production waste production has also increased. Tones of cereals get wasted due to lack of proper management, proper storage, loopholes in distribution channels and ignorance of producers. These waste are usually burn by farmers for clearing the field leading to huge amount of emission of greenhouse gases. Also land and water bodies are also polluted by agricultural waste. So now the time has come when this cannot be ignored, we have to pay heed to this as this being an integral part of sustainable agricultural.

Digitization has the answers to it. With the help of AI, Cloud, IoT a lot can be done to reduce agricultural waste, manage agriculture waste and make something usable out of it. Agro Waste Management generally adopts 3R approach i.e Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


With the help of high end technologies, the waste management companies can be informed that bins are full and need to be emptied. Machines can help in collecting, sorting of waste and then disposal of waste. Recycling and reusing process can also be automated and thus made faster and efficient with the help of digitization.

1) Reduction of Agro Waste:

IR 4.0 can reduce Agro Waste by proper Management of cereals backed by proper seeding, monitoring, proper irrigation, proper distribution of pesticides and also the data intelligence helps in analysis of demand and supply, well-connected seller and buyer. Hitech storage systems and proper distribution channels help in reducing the wastage at its origin.

2) Reuse of Agro Waste:

With the help of Machines Agro Waste can be better Reused for different purposes.
    a) Organic Fertilizers: Biogas can be generated using agricultural waste which can be used as energy for different purposes. Automated Digesters can fasten the process
     b) Thermal Generation: Chemicals ,fertilizers and oil can be produced by different processes like pyrolysis using latest technologies.
     c) Composting: Agro Waste can be converted into compost and manure which act as natural fertilizers supporting organic farming

3) Recycling i.e. Changing Waste Into New Products:

Items like biodegradable containers, decorative items clothes, paper, leather, bone powder, alcohol, drugs incense and many day to day items can be made using agro-waste.